Knight Chess Piece

Look the picture above! See its beautiful carving of our professional craftsman. This Knight piece is handmade product that made of Teak wood and carved by our craftsman from Java island. We choose the best quality of Teak wood and polished well. So it become a unique one of Knight chess piece. In the picture you can see its black and glossy look of the Knight. It looks so elegant and gallant. Very perfect for decorate your house or a gift for your children and friends.

You can add your collection of chess piece with this one of unique Knight. Look the design and style. You may be know the different design with another Knight product. This Knight is different and more gallant that other. We have another Knight collection in different design. We also provide another chess pieces that has designed in different and has unique touch from our craftsman. Get it now! You can also order in some sizes. We provide standart size, big size and giant size.

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Stock In Our Factory

Those are our stock product in our factory. We processed in good quality way and finished the process in black and brown paint. All of our product are made if the best quality of Teak wood from Java island that famous of its good quality of Teak. We take special care in seeing that the Teak wood we use in our products is completely dry and cured before use.

Please know, before you order, that we are a company that takes as much pride in satisfying our customers as we do in the high quality of our products, and so if you ever have trouble with maintenance of, or defect in, our materials, we will readily provide you with an exchange. You should not have to worry about maintaining our products, especially our teak products, and we will treat you as well during the lifetime of their use as when you first purchased them from us.

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Wood Carving In Soldier Form

Again, we present unique and different design of wooden handmade product for you. Here we create and designed it by using our imagination to produce something different and unusual product. So that you can decorate your house and room with our unique product. Here we have wood carving product that designed in soldier form. It is very excellent product for decorating your living room table or your children room.

Soldier wood carving also perfect for gift and present for your children and friend. Try to give something different for them. Sure that your children will crazy about this kind of handicraft.
Our product is made of Teak wood and polished in brown or natural wood color. It is very durable product, so you can put it outdoor and indoor.

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Fun Game With Outdoor Chess

It would be fun and interesting if you play at your garden with your children and friends. You can introduce them about environment surround them. You also can create an interesting game and they can enjoy your educative game. If you smart to teach them outdoor live, sure they can lean much but enjoy their new knowledge. Children who like to learn something new and like to run at large space, will be more happy if you have something unique that they never see at home.

Try to use our giant chess pieces. Your children and friends can learn much about chess. They can know about the name of each chess pieces that including the King, the Queen, the Bishop, the Rook, the Knight, and the Pawn. You can introduce them about some term that usually use in chess game such as, en passant, pawn promotion, castling, end game and other term.

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Play Chess Outdoor Using Wooden Chess Table

Chess is universal and flexible game. It can played by everyone of all ages and it can also play anywhere, indoor and outdoor. To make it interesting game, chess is more enjoyable to play outside of home. To make it happen, you will need a table of chess and chess pieces. Chess table and pieces make an attractive garden feature and allow participants - from beginners to expert - to partake in different atmosphere of chess game.

As chess manufacturer, we have provide wooden chess table and wooden chess pieces for you. Those chess table and pieces have made of Teak wood, which is the famous of its strongest wood in the world. By use this kind of chess table for your game, then you can use it outdoors; at your garden, at yard, at beach, or at the other outdoors area.

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The Wooden Checker Set

In the picture above is our giant checker set on its board. This is an absolutely beautiful giant checker and board that made of best Teak wood material. With inlaid checkers pieces on the top of board is certainly something special. Different size with ordinary checker and board, this checker pieces have designed into giant size and supported by its big board. The checker set is perfect for outdoor use.

Consider about it space. For this giant checker, you may need enough flat space for the board and the pieces. You may use this checker set at garden or your backyard. Checker outdoor game will bring fresh nuance for your game. You can enjoy the interesting feeling in play outdoor checker with your friend, children and neighbor. Having checker game with your friend using this kind of big wooden checker at your garden.

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Wooden Black Chess Piece In Giant Size

The picture above is one part of giant chess piece that made from wood material. This kind of chess piece has often use for decorate garden, patio area, and other outdoor areas. This is because, when using large chess pieces, you also must consider the area lies. Therefore, it would be more efficient if you put it outdoor as garden decoration or as an outdoor chess game.

Chess piece, which measuring 72 inches and painted black with glossy touch. Finally, look very elegant and interesting to be one of your house furniture. This great chess has made of the best quality teak wood and carved by experienced craftsmen from Indonesia. Based on those reasons, the conclusion is this giant chess product is amazed wooden product. It will not disappoint you and is very durable for use in any seasons.

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Play Checker In Lobby Hotel

Do you often feel bored to waiting someone in lobby hotel?
Some people feel the same as you. Some people say that they cannot do anything except read newspaper while they're waiting someone or something. Try to find any interesting activity to fill your waiting time. You can have interesting conversation with someone or having some game with him / her. We recommend you to have an interesting game that can played for all ages, called Checker Game.

Play checker is easy and you can learn it as fast as you can. When you sit at lobby hotel, you can ask the hotel to prepare a checker set with its board and put it on lobby table. Put the checker pieces on the board and you can start the game. The rule is easy and you can moved your pieces step by step. By having checker game, you can escape from your boring feeling at lobby hotel. Try it!

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The Fresh Green Chess Pieces

Green is always interesting color for house decor. This color brings fresh nuance and calm look for anything touched. Green has become one of the most favorite color of many people. They often use green to paint their house, decorate room, interior design, and many more. It because green is looks so nature and as the symbol of environment arround.

Based on that reason, we present you color chess pieces that polished in green color. These color chess have adopted from modern styleand nature nuance. It will escape you from the ordinary chess and make your chess game more interesting. You may use it indoor and outdoor, because those are made from best quality of Teak wood and durable in any seasons.

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The Buffer Of Chess Table

Chess table is one of chess game equipment. It's different with other table in your house, this table has squares motive on its surface. If you want to start the game, you just need to put the chess pieces on it and sit in front of the table with your partner. Then, play the game by moving your pieces step by step. It's easy and interesting.

If you use want to have chess table for your house, you should consider about its space because you may need two stools or chairs for the game. But the advantages for having chess table is its multifunction use. Beside as chess table, you can also use it for one of your furniture. So that you must need strong table to make it more usefull. The durable and strong table has strong buffer and made of Teak wood material. By having this kind of table, you have a unique furniture in your house.

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16 Inch Chess Pieces Stand On Edmonto City, Canada

For the most traditional customers, we have the 16 inch wooden chess set. This wooden chess often used in some festival in chess season. Many professional player like to having chess games by this 16 wooden chess. Durable construction with high quality brass closure and lined interior. These chess set also perfect for house decoration, indoor and outdoor.

Just show in the picture above, our chess product has decorate a house in Edmonto city, Canada. It's prove that people in western countries like to our giant chess product. It because our giant chess is durable product for indoor and outdoor in any seasons. Our giant chess product are made of best quality of Teak wood and carved beautifully by expert craftsman. Polished in black and brown color with glossy touch, make it looks so elegant. Get it for your house now!

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Wooden Giant Chess At Edmonton, Canada

As famous chess manufacturer, we have exported our product to many countries. Western and Europe are the most countries which often buy our product. Our western customer always satisfied with our product, because we have the best quality product. Our product made of the best main material that is Teak wood which has known as the strongest wood in the world. So that our product is durable in any seasons and perfect for outdoor use.

The picture above show you about a giant chess set which put outdoor in Edmonto city, Canada. That is the prove about our existence in western country. All people are love giant chess. It because our giant chess has carved beautifully by expert craftsman and polished well to get an elegant looks.

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Big Checker Pieces And Its Board

These checker pieces are designed in big size and usually use for outdoor checker game. Why big checker? The answer is because the big checker set is very suitable for outdoor game. This set has carved bigger than standard and ordinary checker. It aimed to make it perfect for outdoor game which has wide space enough to put big checker set with its big board also.

Those checker pieces and board are durable for outdoor game in any seasons. Those are made of Teak wood and carved well by expert craftsman. Do not worry about damaged, because it made from the strongest wood in the world. So you can left it outdoor for months.

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Big Chess Set On Wooden Board

Those are big chess set that stand on its board. The chess pieces have designed in big size with its beautiful carving. Perfect for outdoor chess game with your family, friends and partners. Have a nice holiday by playing chess game at your garden, camp, beach, villa and others outdoor area. Use the big chess one for your interesting outdoor game and you'll not satisfied.

We have big chess product for outdoor game use. Our product has prepared for outdoor use, so that the product is durable in any seasons. Those chess pieces and board have made from best quality of Teak wood and carved by expert craftsman. So unique and beautiful. Have it a set for your collection and have wonderful game!

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Wooden Giant Checker Set On The Board

Checker is almost the same game with chess. Both of the game use same board and 32 pieces set which put on their board. They use the squares board which painted in white and black. The differences are their pieces form, the pieces move and the game rule. The checker pieces are same, round and simple. But chess pieces have their own form and each pieces has its own moving, except the Pawns.

In the picture above we posed the checker equipments. Checker has pieces and board for play. But this time, we produce chess pieces and board in giant size. Just like in the picture above. It show you big checker pieces with its board that the squares size has been adapted to the big pieces. Those are made from Teak wood and polished well in order to durable in any seasons. Therefore, you can use it for outdoor checker game without worry about the damage.

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72 Inch Wooden Chess For Outdoor Only

This is an example of our giant chess piece which sized in 72 inch. This Rook chess piece is very tall and heavy enough for move. But because of its giant size, many people use it for outdoor decoration. They often decorate their interesting outdoor area with this giant chess piece. Why outdoor? The answer is only because its size does not allow to be placed indoor. So would be more suitable and attractive if placed outside.

Do not worry about damage product, because we had prepare it for that risk. All of our products are made from best quality of Teak wood which has known as the strongest wood in the world. It means that Teak wood product may also durable product for indoor and outdoor use and durable in any seasons. Just try it and select which chess piece that you like.

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Wood Chess In The Warehouse

Beside produce for order need, we also have stock in our warehouse. We protect it well in order to avoid from any things that can influence its quality. We have to save it carefully. We have wood chess product in standart design to stock. We care about every pieces of our products. We eliminate the failed products, even when it has a little spot or damage. We guarantee that we only produce and deliver the best products to your hands.

Our product is made of Teak wood. So it is very durable in any seasons and in any space, outdoors-indoors. Those chess pieces are handmade product that carved by professional craftsman and polish well. We choose the best and dried Teak as the main material.

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Giant Domino For Your Patio Decor

Have you decorate your patio area with something interesting? Many people decorate their patio with some plants, flowers and toys. But have you ever think will decorate your patio with dominoes? Sounds strange indeed. But we will show these peculiarities into something interesting. Decorating your patio with our furniture decoration in dominoes form.

Here come a giant dominoes. Look at the picture above! That is our giant dominoes that has made of best quality of Teak wood. It has carved and designed by our expert craftsman so that looks unique but interesting. It very different with ordinary furniture decoration. Its form make it looks unique for use as furniture decoration. But you should try to decorate your patio with this giant dominoes. Sure your patio will more intereting and your guest will astonished by its shapes.

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Wooden Chess Piece vs Plastic Chess Piece

Furniture products, antique or modern, have most often been crafted in Wood. This is because people everywhere cherish both the warm feel and polished look of processed wood.
The wood we use in our creations, teak wood of the finest quality, is not only known and prized for these qualities, but also for its strength and resistance to wear in all seasons. Teak wood is quite substantial: this is because the wood contains oil of teak, a substance which greatly contributes to its water resistance.

The lighter alternative, which is not nearly as impressive as wood, either in appearance or feel, is plastic. Other considerations that might enter into your decision of which to purchase: Plastic is artificial; wood is natural.

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12 Inch Of Pawn Chess

In the picture above is a pawn chess piece which sized in 12 inch. It has polished in black with glossy touch, but we provide the brown pawn also. If you want to have a set of chess pieces, we have it in various sizes. You can get it from 8 inch, 12 inch up to 72 inch tall chess piece. Beside use as chess game equipment, some people use it as gift and souvenir for family and friends.

By its unique and beautiful art, many people in western countries pursue our products because it is made from best quality of Teak wood, so that it could be used in any seasons. Besides, our products are carved by expert craftsman and polished well in order to make it durable for indoor and outdoor use.

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Wood Handmade Product: Soccer Ball

Confuse to dressing your wonderful house? Want to give some unique and antique touch for your house?
Confuse about a gift for your children, friend, or your family member?
Try to consider handmade wooden product. We introduce you a unique carving or wooden soccer ball. This wood ball has made from high quality Teak wood and carved by professional craftsman and polished in brown or natural wood color.

Wood ball is excellent gift for your children They can use it as decoration for their room or their table beside some books.
They also can use it for a game at garden yard or beach. They can play wood ball in the backyard and practice their football style. Get great prices & huge selection on wholesale wooden soccer ball to us.

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Wooden Giant Chess Pieces Beside Laptop

Those chess pieces are Pawn, Bishop, Knight and King. They are part of a set of chess pieces, which stand gallant beside a laptop. We put a laptop beside them, because we want to show you about their size. Those chess pieces are bigger than standard chess pieces which often use in chess game. It's different with those pieces which have designed in giant size that usually use for outdoor chess game and also often use for house decoration.

Chess pieces are placed on a wooden board whose size is adapted to their giant size. Those are made of best quality Teak wood and carved by our expert craftsman. So unique and beautiful art. Some people use it for outdoor chess game and play it at garden, camp area, beach, park and other interesting place. Some others use it for house decoration and match it with their home decoration.

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Knight Piece For Patio Furniture

Less for some ideas to decorate your patio? Have outdoor party but you need to decorate your garden and patio space?
We suggest you to decorate your outdoor space with unique and creative furniture to get some antique touch for your house.
We have the giant Knight chess piece that made of Teak wood and polished in brown or natural wood. Knight giant chess is large enough for outdoor play, and fun for school, home, parties, and other occasions! Kids love the large pieces.

We stock a variety of giant garden chess piece which are ideal for patio and outdoor decoration. Beside the Knight, we also has another chess piece such as the King, the Queen, the Rook, the Bishop, and the Pawn. Choose the chess piece that suit with your outdoor style. Or if you have large patio and garden, you can consider to decorate it with our wooden giant chess set. So you can having giant chess outdoor game with your friend and family.

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