Anvil Ambos For Decoration

Wood product is always interesting and preffered by many people in the world. The worthly thing of wood product is because its carving art that has made by craftsman. Many people use the wood product for house decor or for gift. There are many choice of wood product that can choose such as the wooden Anvil Ambos.

New wood product from us that use a new combination between the shapes and its color. The blue and red Anvil Ambos may become interesting decor for your house. Anvil Ambos that often related with ancient tools, now has change into modern house decor. Paint in light blue and red color make it looks colorful but beautiful yet.
Just put it on living room table, in library, in office room, children room and other rooms which need beautiful wooden product touch.

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Giant Domino Made Of Teak Wood

Have you imagine that a domino card become one of your decoration furniture in your house? This furniture decoration is so different and unusual, so if you want to make some unique tuch in your house, you may put this domino card in your house. It would be nice and interesting if you decorate your living room, library, patio, and other room in your house with this domino decoration furniture.

We have carved it in giant size, to make it suit with your home furniture. It also polished in brown or natural wood color to get natural wooden furniture looks. It very durable for indoor and outdoor use because it has made of best quality of Teak wood material, so don't hesitate to put it at your patio or porch.

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When Green Meets Yellow

If you wonder to decorate your house with something colorful furniture, you may consider this giant chess piece that has polished in bright color. We have green chess piece that add with glossy touch. It looks and brings fresh nuance for your house. This fresh chess piece has accompanied with the yellow one make it more perfect as house furniture. The yellow bring nice and attractive nuance. Both of those chess piece are carved in giant size, so you can put it in your indoor and outdoor area.

Those green and yellow chess pieces have made of Teak wood material and carved beautifully by our expert craftsman. So unique but attractive by its color. The products are very durable in any seasons, because it made of the strongest wood. You want to some different touch for your home or your garden? Why don't try this color chess. Make up your backyard be colorful and funny with such color.

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In A Book Store - Hamburg

Is that giant chess for serious decoration? This question may seem obvious but actually there are things you should consider. Giant chess piece is wonderful to look at, indoor and outdoor. Well...consider about where you put on it. You may find interesting and suit corner for this super-sized chess piece. Not only for your home furniture decoration, but it also nice for public area decor.

As giant chess manufacturer and exporter, we have export our product to many countries in Europe, America, Australia and other continent in the world. So that you can meet our giant chess product in western countries. In the picture above, we show you our giant chess product which put in a book store in Hamburg city. Unique, elegant and beautiful looks. Try it yours!

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Wooden Anvil Amboss

Anvil Ambos commonly made of iron block and use for shaping, originally by hand with a hammer. It also use to hammering curved pieces of metal. This kind of weight tool popular as something ancient but unique. It need to preserved to the modern people in the world. But those people ignored something heavy.

Here we have wooden anvil amboss. But this kind of wooden and handmade product is not use to shapping, hammering curves pieces of metal or another activity that use hammer. This wooden anvil amboss is use only for decoration your house to get some unique touch.

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The picture is showed how the elegant of big chess pieces. This chess is made of solid Teak wood and has dried. It also furnished well, so that the durable is guarantee. Many peopl, especially in western country are like to collect this kind of chess pieces. Wooden big chess is popular for children and adolescent. They often having chess game in their garden or other outdoor space.

Wooden big chess pieces very friendly to welcomed your guests. So do not worry to put it in your livingroom or work section. Beside used as decoration furniture, this chess pieces also suitable for gift. May be you feel confuse about some gift in special event for one of your family, friend, or someone special. Try to give something different than other. Try to give big chess pieces to them. Sure that they feel surprised and never forget. Order chess pieces to us. You need for your school? or may be you want to have business in chess game?
Just call us to order the wooden chess pieces. We offers the widest selection of wooden chess pieces and wooden giant chess to anywhere.

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Wooden Stone Piece

Wooden stone made of Teak wood and painted in black and glossy color. Kids and adolescent love to this kind of product because it is very useful and fun to play. Wooden stone piece have become very popular because they are easy to play. Kids can create their own games and this wooden stone can use both indoors and outdoors. This is very durable because it made of the strongest wood and finished well. You can also choose another color such as, natural wood, brown, white, or other.

Kids love this adorable wooden stone piece that are so easy to hold and play. This wooden stone are crafted from high quality and dried Teak wood in Java island, so we can guarantee you that our product won't dissapoint you. This wood stone turnings can be used in a variety of activity or games for adults and kids.
The size of the wooden stone piece is available in various sizes. It's depend on the order. Use this product as house decoration, embellishments, miniatures, bazaar crafts and more.

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Outdoor Game - Wood Giant Chess

Giant outdoor chess for garden use. The picture showed you about the interesting activity of having chess game in garden. They use wood giant chess set to play complete with its wood chess board. You can also join in on the fun with large outdoor chess sets. Surprised your chess playing with your friends use wood giant chess at your garden. Make an unforgetable chess game in your holiday with your friend by outdoor chess. Wood giant chess is perfectly size for all ages to enjoy a game during spend time in weekend, a private backyard party, family holiday event, a graduation event, or commercial settings such as apartment balcony, hotel pool areas, business center park, cruise ship decks, and recreational facility grounds.

Wood giant chess is perfect also for garden decoration. This product is made of Teak wood from Java island. So you do not need worry about its durable, because we had choose the best Teak as its main material. You can lay it at your outdoor space for years and in any seasons.

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Giant Chess Piece In A Hotel Park

A giant chess set is great for an outdoor picnic and is a game that can be enjoyed by all. It is an exciting way for families to spend some time together. These super-sized piece come alive and bring a new meaning to fun. On other hand, now on many people use it as furniture decoration.

Giant chess sets are beginning to become more and more popular in backyard decoration as well as public parks. Giant chess sets are terrific fun, and can be found more often on hotel lawns, garden, at schools, camp area, beach, and others public area. They?re actually equally suited for indoor and outdoor use. Find good quality of giant chess that has made of Teak wood. It durable for outdoor use in any seasons.

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The Black Wooden Chess Pieces

Those are carved wooden chess pieces that have known by all people in the world. We often meet them in chess game competition and many people have it a set as collection. For chess game use, the chess pieces are need chess board. The chess board consist of black and white squares amount 64 squares.

In the picture above is black wooden chess pieces, which a part of chess pieces set. Those chess pieces are carved beautifully by expert craftsman from the best quality main wood. As good quality product, those chess pieces has made of Teak wood and polished in black with glossy touch. Not only as chess game pieces, but those pieces are often use for house decoration. Black and glossy becomes an everlasting attraction for decoration idea. Interesting? Try it!

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Wooden Rook Chess In Brown

Teak wood is become our choice as main material for our wooden handicraft and furniture products, because Teak wood has known as the strongest wood in the world and durable in any seasons. The reputation of Teak throughout the whole world in producing furniture of the highest quality has, however, never faltered. The strength and beauty of its fiber is the primary reason that Teak wood continues to be a main choice for furniture material.

As chess pieces manufacturer, we have variety chess type in sizes. Here is we show you a Rook chess piece in big size. It has carved by our expert craftsman and polished in brown or natural wood color. Usually use for chess game as chess soldier, but some people use it for house decoration. Get also Rook chess in black and others color with various sizes!

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Giant Chess Pieces In Marble Paint

It is true that marble is commonly multi-colored, but since there are two opposing teams represented by different colors, a marble chess set needs to have different colors for each side. Here we try to present different marble chess. Combining the idea of luxurious marble and the elegance of wood, we craft this special chess piece.

This is one of our product that has polished in marble motive. This chess pieces is moist in color and detail, strong, and artistic. On the other hand, this marble giant chess pieces have made of best quality of Teak wood. It is highly recommended for those who fancy marble furniture but want affordable price. It can be used for outdoor and indoor decor and it can actually become a permanent fixture on your porch or patio.

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Play Chess Game At Outdoor Area Using Giant Chess Set

This is the outdoor collection that you have been waiting for. Giant chess and its board for outdoor is a perfect gateway from your busy life. You can have the sensation of interesting chess game, beautiful art pieces, and the breeze. Giant chess as garden chess adds value to your beautiful yard. It is a unique idea of outdoor decoration. Besides, by buying the complete chess set, you may have the enjoyment of outdoor chess game with your family and friends.

Giant chess set is so versatile that you can use it as the regular chess game as well as garden decoration. Our impressive and practical giant chess sets our one of our most popular product ranges, and both the chess board and the chess pieces are extremely strong and durable. Our chess products are made from best quality of Teak wood and polish well in black and brown. You do not need worry to left it outdoor. Get it now to dress up your outdoor space.

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Folding Carved Chess Board

A chessboard is square and flat, consisting of 64 squares, 32 black squares and 32 white squares. Beside chess pieces and another wooden product, we also provide wood chess board. We have some type of chess board which will attract you. We have pairs board, fabric board, wide board for giant chess, carved chess board, and others.

This time we show you a folding chess board that has carved by our expert craftsman. The board has made of best quality of Teak wood and polished in unique color. Beautiful and worthly!

Carved chess board is designed as wooden suitcase. When you open it, it has the storage room to keep the chess piece. When you can to play with it, you simply have to use its surface as chess board. It also has handle to carry and beautiful carving on each sides of the board.

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Wooden Chess Set in 24 Inch

This is our wooden chess set which designed in 24 inch size. Our 24" chess set is very popular for outdoor use, on a board with 12" x 12" squares. Children and adolescents especially love these pieces, and they are still not too large, nor too heavy, to be taken with you wherever you should wish to play. Even if kept permanently outdoors, in yard or garden, because they are of teak they can withstand any weather.

Beautiful and unique chess pieces. Carved perfectly by expert craftsman and polished in beautiful color. Black and brown with glossy touch, looks so elegant and interesting. Simple but attractive chess pieces make it perfect also for house decoration. Your living room will be looks nice if you put this kind of chess pieces. For other use, you can having outdoor chess game with your friends and family.

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Teak Wood Chess Set On Pairs Wooden Board

Very elegant and attractive chess set which stand on its board. Black and brown chess pieces, carved in high quality product by professional craftsman. Those chess pieces have designed in giant size, so they have bigger size than ordinary chess size that often meet in chess game.

Look the board also. The flat board also made carefully by those craftsman and painted in white-black squares. The chessboard is square and flat, consisting of 64 squares, 32 black squares and 32 white squares. Its size has suited with the chess pieces size, so the squares more wide than standard chess board. Designed in pairs style to make you easy to keep it in cupboard.

Those chess pieces and board are made of best quality of Teak wood, so those products are durable for outdoor use.

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Color Chess Stand On Chess Table

We are manufacturer of chess product. We have various kind of chess pieces design, colors and sizes. This time we try to offer many different color choices for your chess sets. Our standard colors are natural teak wood color (for white pieces) and transparency dark brown (for black pieces), but if you would like your own color, we [have 16 different colors available that can be produce over 100 different color combination. Just let us know which color combinations you desire.

As an example, we show you a set of our wooden chess color in the picture above. The red meets the blue pieces. So different with standard ordinary chess. Stand on chess table, make them so interesting and growing desire to try to play with them. Besides, we maho more than 10 couples of chess pieces in different color. Find your favorite color and call us to make it real.

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48 Inch Chess Set For Outdoor Game

This 48" chess set, still with prized original teak as its main material, played on a chessboard with 24" x 24" squares, is quite dramatic in its presentation, whether located in expansive yard, house terrace, foyer, even large room with this as its central attraction.

Durable for outdoor and indoor use. But you should consider about the space if you want to put it in your house, because this 48 inch chess piece is quite big. Otherwise, if you put it at your garden, you do not need to worry about its damage. This product has durable in any seasons, so you can left it outdoor for months. Remember that those are made from best quality of Teak wood from Java island that famous as the strongest wood in the world.

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Knight Chess Trophy

In the picture above is kind of wooden trophy that carved in one of chess pieces shape. It has called as wooden Knight Trophy. This is our wooden product that has made of Teak wood and carved by our craftsman. Besides providing Chess pieces, Chessboards, and Chess tables, also produces chess trophies in various forms and designs. This time we show you about one of our best trophy product, which carved beautifully.

To attract all chess players in chess tournament, we try to create unusual and unique trophy that in Knight form. Look at the picture above! The trophy has polished in brown or natural wood paint. But if you wonder to make it different in another color, you may order it to us and we'll try to make it for you. Besides, you can use it for house decoration and make your guests feel astonished with your Knight trophy decor.

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Wooden Giant Egg In Blue

This is one of product that has made of Teak wood. This product called as wooden giant egg. Carved in egg looks by our expert craftsman and polished in beautiful color. This time we present the blue giant egg with glossy touch. Children and adolescent are love this wooden handicraft for their room decoration or outdoor game.

Wooden giant egg is perfect for house and event decoration. You may put it on you living room table, children room, library bookcase, office table, school, and another indoor room. Besides, you can use it also for souvenir and gift. Try this different gift for your friends, family, children and others. They may surprised with this kind of gift. Get it also in others color such as; red, brown, black, yellow and create your own color. Order now and make a change in your house.

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Big Chess Pieces

This big chess pieces is perfect for decorate your outdoor space such as; garden, yard, patio, and the other. It made of Teak wood and very durable for outdoor use, because our main material through in selection way to get the best Teak wood and also has dried. The picture is showing wooden big chess set that painted in brown or natural wood.

Big garden chess set is not only an attractive feature for any garden, but also a fun and exciting way to play the strategic game of chess. Buy big chess to us. We offers the widest selection of yard and garden wooden big chess. We the manufacturer of wood big chess in variety forms and design. We also have some sized to suit your garden space such as; 72 inch, 64 inch, 48 inch and other sizes. Dressing your wonderful yard and having interesting garden party by this big chess pieces.

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Soccer Man Wooden Trophy

As wooden product manufacturer, we so proud to introduce you our collections. We have indoors and outdoors decorations, chess pieces, giant chess, wooden stone, wooden trophy, and many more. All of our products are made of Teak wood and carved by professional craftsman from Java island, which is famous of its good Teak wood and talented craftsman. We sure that you will satisfied to buy our product because it handmade product and unique one.

Here we introduce you wooden trophy in soccer man design. This trophy is handcarved that made of Teak wood. Very unique and different. It suit for reward of local football champion, a gift for your friend or family, house decoration, your children room decoration, etc. Carved in unique design and painted in natural wood, give different touch for your house. You can lay it on your living room table or other place to dressing your room.

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Patio Chess Made Of Teak Wood

What's your patio furniture now? Have no idea for decorate your patio space? Ask your self and find to know about outdoor furniture to suit your outdoor lifestyle. Imagine when you spend some time out on your patio, alone or with somebody else, or jooking with your family member. Those activity probably more interesting if you complete the look of your patio with something unique and different. But do not forget if you choosing your patio furniture, be sure to consider the space that you plan to put it in.

We can help you to consider about your patio furniture that you plan. We have giant chess pieces for outdoors decoration. Perfect for your patio furniture and garden decoration. Our product is made of Teak wood, so you do not need about its durable. Our Teak wood is high quality and dried well. The product has carved by professional craftsman and polished well. We have chess pieces in various sizes, so if you can choose the suit size for your patio space. Try now, and make your patio space looks interesting

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Wooden Checker Board

This checker board can also use as chess board.They have same square, same color, same amount of squares and same flat. This giant board is made of high quality Teak wood, so it is very durable. You can put it at your garden or your yard for long time. You do not need to worry about the damage because we prepare the product for outdoors use. We choose the best quality Teak wood as main material, so that it will be safe for you to take it for outdoors use, such as parties, decoration, checker or chess games, photo section or another activity.

Get excellent price from us as wooden board manufacturer. We serve also outdoors chess table, giant chess for garden, wooden chess pices, giant chess pieces, chess set with its board, checker pieces in various sizes, and many more wooden chess products. Our products are suitable for outdoor and indoors decoration. Just contact us and choose your favourite one!

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Wooden Chess Pieces For Decorate Your House

Wooden giant chess pieces is perfect for your house. Just like show on the picture above, those chess pieces are popular for children and kids. Your kids like to explore their imaginative in play some object. The suitable object for kids is just giant chess pieces that made of wood material. Very safety and durable for your house decoration indoors and outdoor because the main material is Teak wood.

Beside decorating your indoors, this giant chess pieces also perfect for your outdoor, such as your garden, yard, as patio furniture, and more. Great decoration ideas for baby and children at wooden giant chess at your home. Try to put wooden giant chess set in your home and sure that your children will enjoy their new game. Just like in the picture, your children will enjoy this unique wooden chess piece. They will have their own way to recognized this kind of giant chess decoration.

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Wooden Big Chess Pieces

Chess pieces commonly use as chess game. If you use your chess pieces for chess game, then you also need chess boar or chess table. The chess pieces are present in various sizes, from 12 inch, 18 inch and so on. So you can choose one of size for your game. For outdoors game, like at your garden, at the yard, at beach, or another outdoor space; you can choose the big chess. It very perfect for having outdoors chess with this kind of chess.

Here, we have big chess pieces that can use for outdoors chess game. You can also get the chess board for outdoors to complete your game. Beside that, you can put down your big chess pieces at your garden as decoration. It would be very unique and nice to use it as outdoors decoration. Our product is durable for outdoors decoration, so you can left it at your garden for long time. It because our product has made of Teak wood, the strongest wood in the world. So, get it now!

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