Brown Pieces Against White-Reddish Chess Pieces

Bored with ordinary chess pieces? Want to make your chess game feel different? Or want to teach your children about chess game?
Use this kind of different color chess! All of your problem with chess pieces will solved. If you feel bored with ordinary chess which are black and brown, you can change it with our color chess. This time we have dark brown chess pieces vs white-reddish chess pieces. Those chess pieces will change your imagination of chess.

This color chess set is very beautiful and interesting for indoor and outdoor chess game. You can teach your kids using those interesting and colorful chess pieces. Sure that your children will learn fast about chess and enjoy the game. Just call us to order this wooden chess pieces. We offers the widest selection of wooden chess pieces and wooden giant chess to anywhere.

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Blue And Red Chess Pieces

Look the chess pieces set above. So colorful and so different with ordinary chess pieces set. Polish in blue and red, make look fresh and nice. If you bored with the ordinary chess that polished in black and brown, you can try to change it with this kind of chess pieces. By different color of chess pieces, your chess game may become interesting game.
Besides, we also provide those chess in giant size for furniture use.

In case you have a plan to re-do you indoor decoration with colorful theme, these blue and red chess pieces are suggested. The colorful colors bring the relaxed ambiance to modern space. It is also easy to combine it with any modern furniture and to locate. Placed it near your bed or desk, these chess pieces are stunning.

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Wooden Giant Chess Set On Its Wooden Board

This is a chess set of wooden chess that designed in giant size. Sized on 16 inch and carved perfect in chess pieces shapes. A chess set consists of 32 chess pieces, including 16 pawns, 4 Rooks, 4 Knights, 4 Bishops, 2 Queens and 2 Kings. All ages can play on this set, of course, but children will be especially delighted to play with it in yard, garden, and other outdoor area.

Those are made of original Teak wood and has dried first. So that, those are durable product for outdoor use in any seasons. To support outdoor chess game, we also provide wooden chess board that has suited squares for the giant chess pieces. The playing surface for this chess set is a flat board of 8" x 8" squares. The white and black squares will accompany the chess pieces in the game.

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The Interesting Of Chess Outdoor

Playing with friends and create an atmosphere of fun and busy would be part of your outdoor activities that do not forgotten. You only need to create a fun game and can be played by everyone. Game that can make all people enjoy the game strategy and at the same time make us refreshing.
To help you, we recommend you chess game as interesting outdoor game.

Playing chess outdoor is always interesting activity, especially with our attractive friends and family. To support the game, you need its equipment. You need the chess pieces and the board. For this need, we provide those are. We have giant chess pieces and wide enough chess board. Those have designed and prepared for outdoor use. So those are very durable for any seasons, because we made it from best quality of Teak wood.

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Geometric Chess For Modern Chess Style

In the picture above is one of our custom chess. We have made various design of chess for our custom product. Our custom product has aimed to attract more chess lovers to make them feel different nuance in chess game by using unusual chess pieces. Just like in the picture above. That chess piece is part of Geometric chess set that designed and carved different than ordinary chess piece.

It has made of best quality Teak wood and carved by our expert craftsman. So unique and beautiful shapes. Designed perfectly for the chess lovers. Polished in black color with glossy touch, make it more interesting and charming. Get the Geometric chess piece set in brown color to complete your chess collection.

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The Bottom Part Of Black Chess Table

This is the bottom part of our chess table product. We show you about the detail part of chess table to make you sure how strong the chess table is. For chess game and home furniture, this chess table will give different touch in your house. Has carved carefully by expert craftsman and polished well with glossy touch. So unique and elegant.

This wooden chess table has made of best quality Teak wood that has dried. So that, the product is very durable for indoor and outdoor use. You can also use it as home decoration and match it with your others furniture. By this strong chess table, your house will looks elegant. Besides, we also provide another chess table models. You can choose which model had attract you. Not only in black, we also have the brown one. Just visit our shop now!

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Teak Chess Piece - Perfect For Outdoor Decoration

Teak wood is the only one of our main material for chess prodcuts, including; chess pieces, chess board, chess table, chess trophy, checker pieces, and others. So why we choose Teak wood?
The customers satisfied and good quality products are our aim. So that, we choose the best wood of Teak wood as our main material. This wood has known as the strongest wood in the world and will make our wooden products looks great. The other reason is because Teak wood bring durable aspect for our product, so that it can use for indoor and outdoor area. Find and choose which chess product that can attract you.

As show in the picture above, our chess piece has designed in big size. It perfect for outdoor decoration, such as put at your garden area, patio area, camp, park, and others. Get it now for your house decor!

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Reality Kingdom Type For Decorative Chess

This is our decorative chess model which called as Reality Kingdom Chess. This kind of chess piece has dedicated for chess lovers and for you who want to decorate your house with wooden handicraft. Its design is unusual and different with detail carving which make it so beautiful. As seen in the picture, this piece is King chess piece in Reality Kingdom chess set.
Curious with the other chess piece of Reality Kingdom set? Find it here.

All of our product have made of best quality of Teak wood, including this chess set. This King piece carved carefully by our expert craftsman and polished well to avoid wood damage. It perfect also for house decoration. You can put it on your living room table, library, office table, school, and another interesting area. You do not need worry about the damage, because it has made of the strongest wood in the world.

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Wooden Giant Chess Pieces For Patio Decor

Most people will be confusion in decorating the patio area because of its location. Commonly, people put some green plants of flowers to decorate their patio. They can not be placed in a cupboard or a bar there. But do not lose your mind. We recommend you a furniture that will change your patio area to be attractive.

Here are we give you an example of patio decoration. We have the giant chess pieces that made of Teak wood and polished well in glossy black and brown. This kind of giant chess is large enough for outdoor decoration, and fun also for school, home, parties, and other occasions! Kids love the large pieces.

Our product is made of Teak wood, so you do not need to worry about its durable.

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Giant Chess With Wheels To Move Easily

If you have giant chess set for outdoor game, sure you will feel difficult to move your chess pieces when you had chess game. Because of that reason, we have you giant chess pieces using wheels. So that you just push it to left, right, forward, backward to move it. It's easy to move.You just need flat and wide board for your giant chess and play it at your garden. Not only for chess game, but you can also use it for outdoor house decoration.

Do not worry about its damage, because we made it from best and dried Teak wood. Famous as the strongest wood in the world and the best main material for furniture. Carved by expert craftsman and polish well in good looking. So interesting and funtastic product for your house. Perfect also for decoration in some occasions, such as; garden party, hotel events, and more.

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Teak Tree Plantation

The picture show you about one of Teak forest area in Java island. The trees are maintenaced by the government of Indonesia, Perum Perhutani (Forestation Company of Government). The largest producer of teak in Indonesia is Java. Its geography and weather are highly suitable to Teak tree plantations. So you if you visit Java island, you will find many Teak plantation in some regencies of Java.

Java Island is also a manufacturing center where many furniture workers are employed to process the wood of the Teak tree into unique and beautiful furniture. To get teak wood of the highest quality, there are some things that must be carefully attended to in the retrieval process. The older Teak trees, of up to 40 years in age, are the best ones to be cut. In fact, the older the Teak tree, the better will be the quality of its wood.

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Wooden Chess Against Plastic Chess

Those chess pieces has same shapes and same form. So what's the different of those chess pieces?
It was the main material. Those chess pieces has made of Teak and plastic material. It's mean that their difference is in the material use.

Plastic is artificial; wood is natural. Plastic is not biodegradable over centuries; wood is. The processing of plastic releases contaminants into the environment; the cutting of wood does not.
When purchasing products made of plastic, there are often hidden flaws that the buyer cannot discern; the same is not the case for most wood products, and especially for teak.
Teak has both high artistic value and high practical value; while plastic is mostly known for its practical value.

Teak wood of the finest quality, is not only known and prized for qualities, but also for its strength and resistance to wear in all seasons. Based on the reason, we decide to produce and carved all of our product from Teak wood material. This kind of main material more worthly and qualified than plastic.

So, which kind of chess product that you wish for? We provide both of them.

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Wooden Giant Dart For Patio Decor

Dress up you patio area now! To do this, you should need some interesting furniture or others decoration. Beside flowers and plants, you can put some decoration there. Sure that it must the durable product for outdoor use. Find the unique, beautiful and durable decoration that also suitable for your patio area. Confuse 'bout that? We have the answer!

Here is we present the unusual patio decoration, which called The Wooden Giant Dart. Suitable for house decoration. Not only for patio area, but if you smart with house decoration, you can put it in your house as house decoration.
In the picture above we show you the patio area with this giant dart decor. So unique and interesting. Durable for outdoor area because it has made of best quality of Teak wood and polished with strong paint for any seasons and weathers. Try it now!!

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Wooden Chess Table With Two Drawers

Wooden chess table is one of chess game equipment that has chess squares on its top part. People who want to play chess using chess table should put the chess pieces on its top part. To add the comfortable of playing chess, they should take chairs or stool for seat.
Furthermore, this chess table can also use as house furniture. It would become multifunction furniture if you have one. You can use it as chess table in chess game. But if no game, you can put some glass cup of tea on it and having drink some tea with your guest there.

This chess table has equipped with two drawers at its sides. It aimed to save the chess pieces in it, so you do not need any suitcase or box to keep your chess pieces. Made of Teak wood material and carved carefully by expert craftsman. So durable product for indoor and outdoor use. Have it one for your chess equipment.

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Giant Marble Card Made Of Teak Wood

Have you imagine to decorate your house with marble card? We can make it real because we have the product with giant size. It called 'Giant Marble Card', special for house decoration use so we make it in giant size. The giant card has polished in marble motive to make it match with your house furniture and accept in any colors of other decoration

This product has made of Teak wood and carved by expert craftsman, so it durable for outdoor and indoor use. Perfect for house outdoor decoration, so that you can use it for decorate your garden, patio area, basecamp, and others. In the picture above we show you the pastel marble. But if you want to another color, we can make it. Besides, you can also decide the sizes and the design. Visit our online shop and get the others outdoor decoration products!

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Mini Red Anvil Ambos - Small But Funny

This is one of our wooden handicraft that loved by many people for house decoration or use as gift. It would be so nice if this wooden handicraft has put on living room table or in the office. Its unique shapes will attract your guest to see it. While as a gift, this wooden handicraft will become the unique and interesting one. So unusual and different than ordinary gift. Sure that the person who receive the gift will astonished to this handicraft. Try it!

Has made of best quality of Teak wood, make it more worthly. Durable for indoor and outdoor use. But as mini handicraft, thi anvil ambos more suitable for indoor decoration. Carved by expert cratsman who create a beautiful and unique shapes of mini Anvil Ambos handicrat. Its beautifully also supported with its different color. Polished in bright red, make it so strong look.

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Wooden Giant Chess Made Of Teak Wood

This is one part of giant chess piece that has made of Teak wood. This bottom part of giant chess must strong to hold its body. So that it carved carefully and has more big size than its body.

Teak wood has known as the strongest wood in the world. So that any kind of furniture product that has made of Teak wood are very popular and worthly. Many people like to choose some furniture that made of Teak wood. Because of that reason, we choose the Teak wood as our main material for our giant chess product.

The result is the strong and durable giant chess. Perfect for outdoor use. So you can decor your patio and garden are by this kind of giant chess. Durable in any seasons and weathers.

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Wooden Rook Piece

Black and glossy wooden rook piece looks so gallant. The Rook chess piece, also known as the Castle, is usually a charger rather than a defender in the game of chess. The picture showed about the strongest of rook and the important of its role in chess game. The rook can move only forward and backward or from side to side and always in a straight line. Each player has two rooks to start a match. By the same taken, a rook best supports of a friendly pawn towards promotion from behind it in the same file.

We manufacturer of wooden chess pieces. Our product has made of Teak wood and polished in black glossy color. We also provide in other polish, such as brown, and other color. Our product is the best product because made of the strongest wood in the world, so you do not feel worried to use it outdoors. Find the best price on chess piece rook in our shop now!

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Black Chess Pieces

We provide many kind of giant chess piece product. Our giant chess are made of Teak wood and polished well. The Teak wood has guarantee for its durable. So our product excellent for use outdoors and can be left in the sunshine, rain or snow without being damaged. If you like to use it indoors, you can also have wonderful game of chess with your partner. Look its elegant of our black chess pieces. Sure that with high quality of chess pieces, you will enjoy your game till end.

You can buy this chess set as your collection at home and having chess game with your partner. You also can put it as your room or living room accessories. Black chess pieces can give you many idea. You can use it as a gift to your friend, work partner, family, children or other person related with you. Sure that this unique gift more worth and expressive.

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Wooden Chess Pieces

Those are part of chess pieces. The picture show 6 chess pieces, which are the king, the queen, the bishop, the knigt, the rook, and the pawn. Those have different move on chess board and have their own role in chess game. The king is the main chess piece. It can move to any of the squares . The side whose king is captured loses. The Queen can move any number of squares diagonally and also in horizontal and vertical directions. The Bishop can move any number of squares diagonally only.

Then we also have the knight. The Knight can move from one corner to the other of any 2×3 rectangle of squares.His move is different with the rook. The Rook can move any number of squares in horizontal and vertical directions. And the smaller chess pieces is the pawn. The Pawn can move from straight ahead only.
In complete chess set,each player get two bishops, two knights, two rooks, and eight pawns. So that the complete chess pieces amounts of 16 pieces.

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Big Chess Set On Its Wooden Board

Teak wood has become our choice as main material of all of ou chess products, include; chess pieces, chess table, chess board, checker pieces, and many more. By using this strongest wood, we can present you durable chess product for indoor and outdoor use in any seasons. So that, if you want to having chess game at your garden or beach, you allow to do it using our chess product.

Just in the picture above. Those are our chess pieces product that carved from best Teak wood by our expert craftsman. Those chess pieces have designed in big size, so you can apply it for outdoor game. Those pieces have completed with their board which also made of Teak wood material. By the chess pieces and board, your outdoor game can start.

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Wooden Giant Chess At Your Home

Get a wonderful range of wooden decorations in our product. Be clever in choosing home decoration. Make sure that it very safety and educative for your family, especially for children. Find the simple one but interesting and your children can enjoy to the decoration. The finest products for baby and kids, including furniture, bedding, crib bedding, room decor, lighting and more.

Great decoration ideas for baby and children at wooden giant chess at your home. Try to put wooden giant chess set in your home and sure that your children will enjoy their new game. Just like in the picture, your children will enjoy this unique wooden chess piece. They will have their own way to recognized this kind of giant chess decoration. This wooden giant chess is very safety for your children because it made of Teak wood. Buy from a selection of giant chess, and unique home decor products designed by professional cratsman.

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Wooden Geometric Chess

We have geometric chess product that processed in handmade. Geometric chess offers modern style. Made of teak and polished in black/brown color, so different with ordinary chess. The geometric shape escapes you from the ordinary chess model. It is the combination of innovation and art. It has geometric shapes and futuristic look. Get your challenge of chess game by using this kind of chess piece.

Beside as chess game use, this chess will be a focal point in your living room or library. Geometric chess is undoubtedly stunning. This geometric chess is absolutely stylish and worth keeping. It's best used for indoor decoration such as room, home, office, and public areas. As home decoration, it can be placed on your sofa table, book case, coffee table for your convenience.

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Marble Big Domino Handmade

Mostly, people hunting of handmade product for house decorating or use as gift. Using mainly Teak wood material, our handmade giftware and souvenirs have a unique one. Many people in western country are like to buy our product. We are manufaturer of wooden handmade product. We have various kind of handmade product for you. You can choose the best one and you will get good price.

Marble big domino is an exotic wooden handmade craft for home decoration. This wooden handmade has polished as marble product. It because our craftsman are very expert in finish various kind of handmade product, so this big domino looks made of marble. We present the different one from other. This wooden big domino is very interesting and perfect if you use it for your home decoration. Show your love towards your family by decorating your house with this beautiful marble big domino.

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Outdoor Chess Set And Board

Chess set outdoor and board for garden use. Chess pieces make an attractive garden feature and allow participants - from beginners to expert - to partake in this different space of chess game. Now on you can use chess set include its board outdoors, without worried about its damaged. It because those chess set and board has made of Teak wood, which is the famous of its strongest wood in the world. By use this kind of chess set for your game, then you can use it outdoors, at your garden, at yard, at beach, or at the other outdoors area.

Having chess game outdoors with your partner would become a wonderful game. You can have new atmosphere in thought about strategy of chess pieces move to win the game. Beside that, we sure that your partner will enjoy also to use this chess set, because this chess set is durable product eventhough you left it at your garden. Buy the collection on right now!

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Horse Head - Wooden Handmade

Wooden handmade from professional craftsman with unique and creative design. It is very perfect and nice to use as indoors decoration and personal collection. This handmade product is polished in brown color or old wood color to get the artistic value. Wooden handmade product with horse head carved uniquely and artistic. You can put it on your work table, living room decoration, party decoration, school, etc.

As wooden handmade manufacturer, we has provide various kind of wooden handmade product. One of our famous product is this horse head carved. If you buy in amounts, we will give you good price. We always serve our customer well and they won't satisfied of our service. Buy this unique wooden handmade for your friend, children or other member family.

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Soccer Man Trophy

Besides the creation of generally trophies like music trophy, tennis trophy, star trophy, etc; we also provide some special trophies forms "Soccer Man Trophy". This unique and interesting wooden trophy often used in some contest. This kind of trophy is very different one and so exclusive to use. Beside as prize of a contest, this wooden trophy can also used as a gift or personal collection as indoors decoration.

Soccer man trophy made by professional craftsman and designed by those creative craftsman fromJava island, which famous of wooden handmade product. So if you want to give something different to your friend or your family, you may consider to give soccer man trophy as indoors decoration. You can write some words on the trophy and put it on the table.

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Wooden Chess Pieces

Wooden chess pieces are normally made of the light wood boxwood or sometimes maple. But here we offer the high quality of chess pieces. We made the chess pieces of Teak wood and crafted by professional craftsman from Java island.
We provides this kind of chess pieces for chess game or as furniture decoration. This wooden chess set is nice for the price. We are chess product manufacturer, so you will get nice price if you trust to shopping chess product to us. The customer satisfaction is our main aim. So you do not need worry about our product quality. Our main material of wood is Teak wood. It makes our product different and has high quality.

Order chess pieces to us. You need for your school? or may be you want to have business in chess game?
Just call us to order the wooden chess pieces. We offers the widest selection of wooden chess pieces and wooden giant chess to anywhere.

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Giant Wooden Fireball Logo

Find great prices and great selection of world wide style and has famous in all people in the world. Fireball Logo is the broadest and most elegant collection of adolescent and young people. They often collect this kind or logo and display in their room or their own space. Those youth people feel proud if they have something to exhibited to their friend. It would be nice if you buy this one for a gift.

We innovate our product by making a new design of wooden fireball logo. This handmade product is carved and pretty virtue. It is made of high quality of rosewood and brushed in dark and red color. We made in giant fireball logo in order to used as decoration for your house or a gift product. The wooden fireball logo is best used for indoors decoration.

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Marble Big Domino

Many people like to decorate their house or office with something different. The most material that make customer feel satisfy is wood. Beside its unique one, people also like to collect handmade product. Here is we introduce you about big domino that made of Teak wood, but polished in interesting view. This big domino is handmade product that created by some prefessional craftsman. We have many motif of this big domino, but the picture above showed marble design.

You cannot find this kind of product in other furniture manufacturer. But by our creativity, we have various kind of handmade product.This is called Marble Big Domino. It designed as if the domino made of marble. But in fact, it made of Teak wood and painted just like marble product. You can use it as indoors decoration or as a gift for your friend and family member.

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Use Wooden Marble Chess Set For Your Game

Standard looking chess sets have been around for many decades. But this doesn't mean that your chess set should look the same as others. Wooden marble chess is interesting chess pieces.The picture showed its unique touch of knight pieces, which painted in marble. We provide beautiful chess sets in variety colors of marble. We also produce marble chess sets with all of the 32 chess pieces that are carefully handcrafted in marble and polished to a bright shine.

Marble chess sets are a great decor. Adding a unique flavor of chess to any living room, bed room, work section, meeting room, and other room in your house or office. This wooden chess has made of Teak wood and polish as marble chess. So you do not need to worry if you use your wooden marble chess outdoor or indoor. Because Teak wood is famous as the strongest wood in the world. So you can play chess anywhere or you want to put it as outdoor decor. By this wood, your chess pieces is very durable.

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Wooden Rooks Of Chess Pieces

This is the amazing one of wooden chess piece. Those are 150 rooks that made of Teak wood and furnished well. Rook piece is one of important part in chess game. The Rook chess piece, also known as the Castle, is usually a charger rather than a defender in the game of chess. Because of its unique, many people have fanatism to this chess piece. They usually collect rook in some different forms and colors. There are classic rook, modern rook, and decorative rook. But the most famous and worthly of chess pieces is wooden rook that has made of Teak wood.

Not only for chess game. You may buy rook piece for your room decoration or you arrange those are in your living room table. it will look so nice for your guest. Get the nice price from us and you may add your home decoration with some art touch by put this chess piece one.

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