Mini Stool Made Of Teak Wood

Stool has same function as chair. Both were used for seating. The only difference is where they usually used. Stool is often used to complete a bar, while the chair is usually placed in living room or other formal places. Stool common use in chess game, complete the chess table.

And here comes mini stool that made of best main material. It is made of teak and polish in brown color. Strong to uphold your body. But this time it comes in mini size, so it may suitable for your children.
You do not need to worry if you left it at your garden for months because it made from best quality of Teak wood. So it is very durable and high quality product.

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Wooden Trophy - Designed In Chess Piece

This is kind of chess trophy that designed in King chess piece. To attract all chess players in chess tournament, we try to create unusual and unique trophy in King chess designed. Look at the picture above! You can feel the trophy looks so unique and different than another chess trophies. The trophy has made of best quality of Teak wood and polished in brown or natural wood paint. Chess tournament will more interesting if you give this kind of trophy as reward.

Our trophy product made from best quality of Teak wood from Java island. So they are very durable to put outdoor and indoor in any seasons and weather. In the picture is one of our wooden trophy product that polish in brown or natural wood color. But if you order in another colors, you can discuss it with us and we will create it for you. Our trophy product made by professional craftsman, so it becomes unique and interesting.

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Outdoor Chess Table

Chess table is one of chess game equipment that has multifunction use. Beside as chess game, you can also use it for house furniture. Placed in your patio, backyard, and veranda, this chess table becomes the center point of your space and best meeting/playing with your family and friends. Complete it with tools or chairs will make it perfect as your antique furniture.

Made of high quality of teak, the table is very durable for outdoor use. They are so versatile that you can use them as the regular chess game as well as garden decoration.
This table chess has carved by expert crastman and difficult find in another place. You will find the best table that made from solid Teak wood just in our place. Try it!

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Color Chess - Soft Violet And Red

What happens when soft violet meets red?
Sure it will looks fresh and wonderful. The white and violet chess pieces give you a new sensation in your game. We try to lock the fresh look into our chess pieces and bring them for you. The red will meets the soft violet on the squares board.

Our color chess is one of our custom product. Beside ordinary and another unique design of chess pieces, we also provide various kind of color chess. We have yellow, green, blue, silver, and more color for your chess game. So if you want to your own color, you can order it to us.

Those color chess are made of Teak wood and carved by expert cratsman. So unique and awesome.

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Wooden Colorful Block

As wooden product manufacturer, we always want to present interesting wooden product for our customers. Here is we present you a wooden block that paint in various bright colors. This kind of wooden block is identically with kids toys. It has various light colors and shapes, so you can introduce kind of colors and shapes to your children. Sure that your children can learn fast in colors and shape by this block help.

It very save for education tool for your children, because it has made of Teak wood and carved beautiful by expert craftsman. Beside as kids toys, you may also use this wooden colorful block as your house decoration. It would be nice if you may put it on your living room table or library.

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Wooden Chess Board For Big Chess

This is wooden chess board that designed for big chess pieces size. Automatically, the squares are adjusted with the chess pieces, so the squares are rather wide than ordinary chess board. Black and white wooden chess board is hard and thick. The board has made of Teak wood and polished well in black and white. Because of its size, it may suitable for outdoor use. This board should need rather large area.

A chess board is square and flat, consisting of 64 squares, 32 black squares and 32 white squares. As this board, even its quite large, but it has 32 squares also. So if you want to use it for chess game, you can do it. You just need the chess pieces and put it on the board. This wooden chess board is best used for outdoor chess game.

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Chess Game At Public Garden

What are you doing in holiday? Some people are spend their holiday in home and read news paper. The others are having some recreation or outdoor activities.
For the last reason, you must decided what kind of outdoor game and should need some equipment for the outdoor game.

Consider to play outdoor chess using giant chess set. This kind of set has prepare for outdoor game. Made or Teak wood as the strongest wood in the world and carved by expert craftsman. Polished well in two different color, black and brown. Very durable for outdoor use, so you can having some outdoor chess game at camp or public garden. Enjoy your interesting holiday with interesting giant chess set.

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Chess Pieces Made Of Best Quality of Teak Wood

We are the manufacturer of chess equipment that specialized in carving chess. All of our products are handmade product that carved by our expert craftsman from Java island. We have many kind of carving chess pieces, board, chess table, outdoor furniture, house decoration, checker pieces, wooden trophy, and many more wooden products.

All of our products are made of Teak wood. We choose the best Teak wood as our main material. The Teak wood must be dried first, before it processed and carved. By using this wood, our products are durable in any seasons and weathers. So that, you can use it for outdoor game or outdoor decoration.

In the picture above, you can find wooden chess pieces that has made from Teak wood. Those chess pieces are polished well in brown and black with glossy touch. Looks unique and interesting.

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Wooden Checker Set On Foam Board

In the picture above is a checker set that lay on its board. The checker pieces are designed in big size and polished well in black and brown color. A set of checker is contain of 24 pieces, 12 black pieces and 12 brown pieces. All of the Checker pieces are placed on black squares and all of their moves are of the same type, diagonally forward, until one of the Checker pieces gets crowned as King, then he has the ability to move and capture differently, forwards or backwards.

To support the checker game, we have its board. But the board is in foam type, consisting of the same 64 dark and light squares. Because its checker pieces are in big size, the chosen board also adjusted to the size of the pieces. You can take this board where you want to play checker, because this boards are dismantle and pair type that each box can be disassembled and stacked in the Suitcase. Easy to move and easy to carry.
Get the checker set and foam board now!

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Wooden Giant Chess Pieces - Black And Brown

Those are two pieces of wooden giant chess that made from best quality of material wood. It carved beautifully by expert cratsman and polished well in black and brown. Add with glossy touch, make it looks elegant for house decoration use. Unique and durable product for outdoor decoration, because it have made from Teak wood that has known as the strongest wood in the world.

The chess pieces above sized in giant enough for indoor use, so it more suit for outdoor use. You can decor your garden with this wooden giant chess or you can use it for patio furniture. Sure that your outdoor space will more attractive with those wooden chess pieces.

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Children Play Outdoor Chess

Garden activity is very fun activity for children. So why you not support them by wood giant chess set. Let your children explore their imaginative and learn to solve a problem by give them chess game. Furthermore, chess is the powerful educational tools to explore the children's mind. It's easy for children to learn something new such as chess game. You just teach them the basic rule and the role of each chess pieces.

To support it, you should have chess pieces set and chess board. We have those for you. Our product has made from best quality of Teak wood and polished well. Those chess equipment are very durable and easy to move. Perfect for outdoor game. Let's having fun at garden or another outdoor area with children.

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Carved Chess Board

This chess board has made from best quality of Teak wood and carved by expert cratsman. Its carving so beautiful and unique. This handmade product has sophisticated and clean look. It is covered by acrylic paint and clear acrylic lacquer. To tidy it up, you can fold it, so easily stored or carried away.

As usual chess board, our chess board has 32 brown squares and 32 black squares so amount 64 squares. You just lay it on a table and put the chess pieces on it. Not only that, you can also use it outdoor and indoor. Very durable product, simple and carved. You can use it where ever you want. When you having recreation and plan to play chess game, you can carry this chess board, complete with its chess pieces. Get it now!

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Wooden Anvil Ambos For Decor

Have a beautiful house is a dream for everyone. We always looking for some idea to make our house more interesting and make us home. Some people like to change their furniture each years and add some house decoraiton in their house. Another people like to change their house paint each year to avoid bored feeling.

To make our house looks interesting and beautiful is something easy to do and do not need spend much money by do changes each year. You just need some unique and interesting house decoration and put it in your favorite corner.
Here we have wooden anvil amboss. This wooden anvil amboss is use only for decoration your house to get some unique touch.
Made from Teak wood and carved by expert craftsman. Perfect for your unique house and Anvil Ambosis the correct choice for dress your beautiful house.

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The White King Chess Piece

This is one of chess piece in giant size. We make it different in white with glossy touch. Perfect for house decoration. You can decorate your house or your garden with this kind of chess. It will so interesting and give unique touch in your house. Simple white giant chess is our furniture decoration product with luxurious image. It shows the minimalist concept for your house decoration.

The product above has made from best quality of Teak wood that has dried. Very durable for outdoor and indoor use. You do not need to worry about its damaged because it has made from the strongest wood in the world. So you can left it outdoor for days or months. Get it now and start to decorate your house.

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Wooden Carved Chess Board

Chess Board is the type of checkerboard used in the game of chess, and consists of 64 squares (eight rows and eight columns) arranged in two alternating colors (light and dark). The colors are called "black" and "white" (or "light" and "dark"), although the actual colors are usually dark green and buff for boards used in competition, and often natural shades of light and dark woods for home boards.

On this picture, we introduce you in hand carved chess board. Work of professional craftsman and made of Teak wood. Very unique and beautiful carved. Look the board margin. It's carving is very nice and classic. But we have various choice of wooden carved chess board.

With our huge selection of hand carved chess board, you?re sure to find what you?re looking for!

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Beautiful 72 Inch Of Wooden Chess

Loving your garden but bored with the decoration? Or have a nice villa but less of art touch? Try to put this 72 inch tall giant chess. Sure that your garden looks so different and charming if you put giant chess to make it more attractive. Then, your neighbor, your friend and your children will spend their time a lot in enjoy your garden.

72 inch chess pieces is very unique and popular. It would be nice if you put it in your garden, put as part of your patio furniture, for decoration in your hotel, or as decoration in your favorite place.

Imagine the impact on guests walking in to see these exotic, larger-than-life-size chess figures. Picture them walking among the pieces, looking up at the cross on the king.

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Exotic Wooden Chess Board With Laptop

This wooden chess board is truly the elite one in the world of chess boards. Using the finest woods and crafted by experts in handcrafted person, we have selection of economically priced chess boards in a variety of styles and sizes.

Black and white board looks so elegant and exclusive for one of chess board collection at home. Put the chess pieces on here and show it to your neighbor. Sure that they jealous to your exotic chess board.

As showed at the picture above, the chess boards also perfect for use to decorate your room. You can take exotic picture using this chess board. You can show off your private collection by put it on the chess board and take the picture. Just like the picture above, we put a laptop on it. May be you can put your mobile, your championship trophies, your baseball or anything.

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48 Inch Giant Chess For Your Garden

This 48 inch set of giant chess is perfect for the garden or conservatory. Enhance your garden, park, house or hotel with a giant chess set or giant chess piece in teak wood - they are created with the highest ornamental craftsmanship. Wooden chess pieces make an attactive garden feature and allow participants from beginners to expert. These sets are also suitable for hotels, pubs, parties and public events.

Dressing your garden with this beautiful decorative chess. Make your guest feel comfortable in visit your garden. This chess is also suitable for small garden or even conservatory.

Children often play in the garden because they wanted the air and free atmosphere. If your garden contains only plants and trees, it was less complete. For that reason, don't think to put any decoration in your garden. Just decorate your garden with the giant chess pieces and your children will be more comfortable playing at home and not going out of the house.

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