Soccer Ball - A Wooden Trophy

A trophy usually made of metal or silver material. Designed in some shapes for the winner of a champion. Ordinary trophy make us bored with its design. Because of that reason, we try to create unusual trophy in special form. We present you a trophy that designed in soccer ball form. This design is one of our custom trophy product. We also invite you to make your own design for a trophy, so you can use it as house decoration.

Our company would be very delighted to hear and see your creative desire to make your custom trophy. We accept custom orders including the one with special engraving. We will work hard to craft you requested design and fulfill your demand. As seen in the picture, it is soccer ball trophy that is made by request.
You can use these items as common trophy in competition or for a giveaway for friends. These products are made of durable teak wood and beautifully crafted.

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