Checker Game

Checker is interesting game as chess. Both of the game are using the same board, which is the black and white squares. The game has no age limited. Children and old man can play this game, indoor or outdoor. You just need flat area for the board then put the pieces on the board. Simple game with simple equipment, perfect for family game in weekend or holiday.

Checker game is easy to learn for people whom never know 'bout this game. In every Checker game, the starting position of the Checker pieces never varies, with the pieces positioned only on black squares.

Checkers that have not been crowned King can move only one square at a time, diagonally forward. Checker pieces and Checker Kings can move only to an empty square. A single turn for either player can be used for jumping one or more pieces. Players can capture an opponent's piece or pieces by skipping over them to the empty square behind; both checker pieces and Checker Kings can do this.

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