The Old Teak Tree Had To Drained Before Cutting

Teak is the strongest wood in the world. Many people demand to this wood for their furniture. This wood is highly prized by lovers and collectors of furniture the world over. Because of it's rareness and the limited supply of teak in the world, teak is increasingly being sought after and its price increasing. The reputation of Teak throughout the whole world in producing furniture of the highest quality has, however, never faltered.

To get teak wood of the highest quality, there are some things that must be carefully attended to in the retrieval process. The older Teak trees, of up to 40 years in age, are the best ones to be cut. In fact, the older the Teak tree, the better will be the quality of its wood. Before cutting the Teak tree, the water content must be drained from the tree by making a cut at its under side. This draining process takes time, 1 to 2 years, in order to get the Teak tree dry enough that it can be cut into Teak wood, and so ready for its main use as the material for furniture and other products.

In order to increase customer satisfation, always used this wood as its main material in produce all product. We also choose the best Teak wood and processed it in high quality process in order to make its durable more perfect.

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